You Can Make 10000%+ Returns through DeFi?! (Intro to Decentralized Finance)

You Can Make 10000%+ Returns through DeFi?! (Intro to Decentralized Finance)

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In this video, I’m giving you a rundown into some of the basics on decentralized finance (DeFi) covering the major product categories that exist, and a new way of generating returns called yield farming. Along they way, I’ll show you that you can (but might not want to) invest in some protocols that can generate over 100x returns as well as different ways to layer investment strategies to compound your investment returns.

Some basic protocols to look at include Aave, Compound, Uniswap, and Sushiswap to start generating basic fees for providing liquidity. Comment below if there’s any specific protocol you’re interested in learning more about!

[Feb 2021 update] One thing that isn’t mentioned in the video, but right now there are extremely high fees to conduct transactions on the Ethereum network. This means it can sometimes cost $100+ to deploy your capital into some of these strategies. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend you invest in defi currently unless you have at least $5000 you’re willing to invest (and risk losing)

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00:00 What is Decentralized Finance
2:06 Major types of DeFi products
5:20 What is Yield Farming
8:34 Earning 10000% returns
10:00 DeFi risks


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