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Why A LOT of Gamers Are Celebrating the Crypto Crash #Shorts

Why A LOT of Gamers Are Celebrating the Crypto Crash #Shorts

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What’s the most controversial part of crypto-currencies? How much energy they waste? Their potential to scam people? How insufferable crypto bros are? But If you asked any of the world’s nearly 2 billion PC gamers, it’d be how much they caused PC parts to go up in price. For years now, crypto miners have been buying up GPUs, which are required to play just about any game.And that, alongside pandemic-related shortages and scalpers, has caused GPU prices to jump nearly three times MSRP. But finally, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: the crypto crash coupled with increased production. Those two factors have led miners to offload their GPUs for cheap, not to mention new ones are often now sold at less than MSRP. So if you’re like millions of people worldwide who’ve been waiting to make a gaming PC, now’s your chance …and it’s just a cherry on top that all the scalpers and crypto miners got burned along the way.

Produced by: Cory Ray, Philip DeFranco
Edited by: Julie Goldberg
Art Department: William Crespo
Writing/Research: Brian Espinoza, Philip DeFranco
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