What’s Bitcoin’s Price Doing Next? Will BTC Hold support? #CoffeeNCrypto LIVE

What’s Bitcoin’s Price Doing Next? Will BTC Hold support? #CoffeeNCrypto LIVE

Fear in crypto markets as Bitcoin dropped to $40k! Following a market-wide drop from recent highs, many crypto traders are concerned that Bitcoin may fail to make it back to $50,000, and that we may go into a long-term downtrend. In this episode of Coffee N Crypto LIVE we discuss how the Russia-Ukraine news, Ukranian legalization of crypto, and federal interest rates can, and will impact the Bitcoin & crypto markets over the coming weeks. Has Bitcoin lost all hope for an uptrend? We’ll discuss! Let’s go ahead and DIVE right on into it!

0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Show start
5:38 – Market Review
9:35 – Headlines (What top 4 Coins should you hold longterm)
29:57 – Bitcoin TA
44:42 – Q&A
57:34 – Ethereum TA
1:03:36 – XRP TA
1:07:16 – Matic TA
1:11:20 – What is Financial Sovereignty?
1:15:30 – Tim wins the HODL Trophy!
1:21:36 – Q&A
1:24:53 – Conclusion

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