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What is web3 - explained. WEB 3 tutorial

What is web3 – explained. WEB 3 tutorial

What is web3 – explained. WEB 3 tutorial. Web 3.0 decentralised.
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If you’re ever wondering what web3 is, or how it works, then this video is for you! We’ll explain everything in simple, easy to understand language, so you can understand web3 and how it can help you in your day-to-day life.

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2023-01-04 15:09:46

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Web3 is a big term that covers lots of cool stuff. Think of it as a way of making the internet more fair and powerful for everyone. It’s like having a superhero internet!

First up, we have decentralized networks. These are like secret superhero clubs where computers talk directly to each other without needing a boss. This makes things super safe and private, way better than when one big boss controls everything.

Then, there’s blockchain technology. Imagine it as a magical notebook that records everything, and it’s not kept in one place but shared among many computers. This makes everything super clear, unchangeable, and safe. No bad guys can mess with the notes!

Now, let’s talk about smart contracts. These are like superhero promises that automatically happen when certain things are done. Imagine if your toys could clean up your room by themselves when you tell them to – that’s how smart contracts work!

Last but not least, we have decentralized applications or dApps. These are like special games and tools that run on the superhero internet we talked about earlier. They use all these cool Web3 powers to make things safer and more awesome, like having secret hideouts for your online games.

So, Web3 is basically making the internet a better place with superhero powers like decentralized networks, blockchain magic, smart contracts, and cool dApps. How awesome is that? 🚀

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