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What is WEB 3.0 simply explained for beginners

What is WEB 3.0 simply explained for beginners

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This is WEB 3 explained, simple guide for beginners!

►The complete crypto course on Udemy platform:

0:15 What is web 1.0
1:08 What is web 2.0 (positive and negative aspects)
3:42 What is web 3.0
10:12 Is web 3.0 the future and will it replace the current internet?

Welcome to the channel, where my primary focus is to explain various aspects related to cryptocurrencies and the world of Bitcoin. It’s undeniable that the entire blockchain technology is something new, requiring us to continuously deepen our knowledge if we want to keep up with the rapidly changing digital world. I hope my materials will help you catch up on all the backlog and find answers to all the questions currently running through your mind!

Explore the fascinating realm of Web 3.0 tutorial with my beginner-friendly guide titled “web 3.0 for beginners” In this tutorial, we delve into the essentials of web 3, demystifying concepts such as web 3.0 crypto and blockchain integration. Learn the distinctions between web 1.0, web 2.0, and the transformative web 3.0 metaverse. I simplify complex ideas surrounding web 3.0 development and provide an easy-to-understand explanation of how does web 3.0 work. Join me as we break down the key elements, making web 3.0 simplified for beginners. Whether you’re curious about web 3.0 definition for dummies or seeking an explainer on web 1.0 vs web 2.0 vs web 3.0, my tutorial covers it all. Don’t miss out on this simplified guide to the future of the internet!

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