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What is SDAO? Exploring AI's Role in Decentralized Finance

What is SDAO? Exploring AI's Role in Decentralized Finance

Today’s journey unveils SDAO (SingularityDAO), a vanguard project blending AI and DeFi on the cutting-edge platform of SingularityNET, which stands as one of the top three AI projects on the Cardano blockchain. This session is an immersive exploration into the essence of DAOs, specifically focusing on the innovative decentralized governance model SDAO champions.

Dive Into the Core of SDAO:
– [00:00 – 00:47] Understanding DAOs and Their Evolution
– [00:48 – 01:28] SingularityNET & SDAO – A Synergy of AI and Blockchain
– [01:29 – 02:18] The Decentralized Governance Model
– [02:19 – 06:54] Powers, Special Positions, and Voting in SDAO
– [06:55 – 09:30] SDAO’s Decentralized Roadmap and Closing Thoughts

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