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Web3.0 - Opening Doors to Equality  | Zaf Chow | TEDxTinHauWomen

Web3.0 – Opening Doors to Equality | Zaf Chow | TEDxTinHauWomen

Web3 is a decentralized internet built on an open and permissionless blockchain network, redistributing power and wealth away from the center to the periphery. The wealth gap is widening in our society, but Zaf helps us imagine the possibilities that can be unleashed when we take control of our digital property rights, giving everyone an equal chance at success. The shift in ownership enables the emergence of new businesses and the network effect that’s created. Zaf Chow is passionate about the opportunities that tech provides. As the Director of Digital Strategy and Partnerships at Animoca Brands, she promotes mass adoption of NFTs, and metaverses and facilitates the transition to Web3.

Post a retail stint in Japan, Zaf returned to Hong Kong ready for the next challenge. She began her own start-up venture developing a fintech and IoT solution for mobile food ordering. She quickly gained prominence winning numerous awards including ‘Innovation and Change-making Entrepreneurship’ by InvestHK in 2017, ‘New World Group Entrepreneur Adventure’ in 2018, and ‘Best of Local Startup Award’ by PCM in 2018. During her tenure as a Director at AlipayHK, Zaf promoted the mass adoption of mobile-wallet.

Zaf believes there are no limitations when it comes to women thriving in any arena and is eager to share her knowledge and passion about the future of untapped possibilities when it comes to realizing your dreams. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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