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The Rise & Fall of DeFi

The Rise & Fall of DeFi

Is DeFi dead? With dwindling trading volumes, disappearing users, and declining value deposited in DeFi apps, it’s a question many are asking. By the end of today’s video, you’ll be better equipped than MOST to answer it.

We’ve come a long way since the DeFi summer of 2020 and there’s a lot to cover from nostalgia-inducing valuations to the stomach churning nose dives. So today, on the third anniversary of DeFi summer, we’re diving deep into the sensational events, the groundbreaking innovations, and the rollercoaster of DeFi to figure out if it’s dead, dying, or on the mend?

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0:00 Where is everybody?
0:43 What is DeFi
1:42 DeFi Use Cases
2:20 The Dwindling Promise of Defi
3:45 DeFi Summer 2020
5:14 DeFi in 2021
6:02 DeFi in 2022
7:39 CeFi vs DeFi
8:40 Is DeFi Dead?
9:40 Institutional Interest & Tokenization
10:15 Derivatives
10:34 Necessary Evolution

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