The Next Million Dollar Opportunity?! (DeFi 2.0)

The Next Million Dollar Opportunity?! (DeFi 2.0)

DeFi 1.0 projects made millions for early investors. Can DeFi 2.0 do the same? In this video let’s evaluate this new niche in crypto that I think is ultra promising. They are talking capital efficiency issues for existing DeFi projects and they include liquidity as a service providers as well as 2nd order protocols. Give it a watch to learn more about DeFi 2.0 and the projects you could invest in as well!

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0:00 Intro
0:42 What is DeFi 2.0
1:40 Massive Opportunity!
2:39 Liquidity-as-a-Service projects (LaaS)
3:57 Olympus DAO
5:09 Peachfolio App Shout out
5:56 Tokemak
6:56 2nd Order Protocols
7:22 Automater Projects
8:20 Enhancer Projects
9:13 Extender Projects
10:03 My Recommended Strategy

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