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The Hunt for the BEST Crypto Sector | DeFi

The Hunt for the BEST Crypto Sector | DeFi

I’m on the Hunt for the BEST Crypto Niche / Sector… Why? Well everyone knows that a bad project in a HOT sector does WAY BETTER than a good project in a poor sector. So in this series I want to find the BEST crypto sector so we can invest heavily into it. And in today’s video, we’re starting with one of the largest OG sectors out there: DeFi. Tune in to see how this sector stacks up against other sectors AND we’ll share some projects that you can invest in within the Pros and Cons section.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 For DeFi (Pros)
6:50 Coinsider Tokenomics Rubric DEAL
7:35 Against DeFi (Cons)
11:30 Ranking & Verdict

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