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The Best Web3 Game World Is Growing

The Best Web3 Game World Is Growing – International Coffee Brands at Your Fingertips
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📺 Playlists You Need 📺 – All About Cardano (ADA) – Getting Started In Crypto

I’m always right, sometimes! Crypto investing is risky and riddled with hackers and scammers. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research. EVERYONE in crypto is partial to their favorite blockchains, including me. Never believe anything a Youtuber says if they don’t disclose their paid segments. A youtuber that tells you to buy a crypto just so they can sell it is a con man and not to be trusted and you’re likely buying their sell off before it drops.
Crow Your Coins – is a slogan I created in 2017 to say, buy crypto on fundamentals and hold at least a year to offset your potential capital gains taxes. It does not mean to hold forever and never sell.

Data Sources:Coin Metrics CoinGecko

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