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Take a Guard Ring Approach! | 1-Min #PCBDesign Review

Take a Guard Ring Approach! | 1-Min #PCBDesign Review

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In this one-minute design review, Tech Consultant Zach Peterson takes a close look at a PCB document showing an A20 MCU and two DDR chips. Zach starts by chatting about the DDR3 routing, then outlines how slight modifications like rotating the chips and adjusting trace spacing would likely enhance this circuit’s performance.

🔹 One-Minute Design Review Highlights:
💡 Examination of the A20 MCU and dual DDR chips integration.
💡 Insights on DDR3 routing that wraps around the chip.
💡 Suggestions for optimizing MCU drive strength for a 50-ohm DDR interface.
💡 Recommendations for increasing trace size and the strategic relocation of passive components to improve circuit layout.

🔹 Design Tips:
💡 Importance of trace tuning and avoiding shorts.
💡 The benefits of using a guard ring over direct system ground connections.
💡 Placement of capacitors on power and ground pins for optimal performance.

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