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Sui's Move: A New Blockchain Programming Paradigm | Sam Blackshear, Evan Cheng

Sui's Move: A New Blockchain Programming Paradigm | Sam Blackshear, Evan Cheng

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Sam Blackshear and Evan Cheng join us to discuss how the Move programming paradigm will accelerate blockchain development. Sam and Evan are the founders of Sui, a global state L1 that leverages the novel Move programming language (created by Sam while at Facebook). This episode covers Sui’s technical specs, the power of Move, Sui’s validator requirements and scaling technique, state growth and storage, Sui’s go-to-market and more!

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00:00 Introduction
01:05 Sui’s Origin Story
03:58 Move: A New Programming Paradigm
14:32 Sui: A Technical Deep Dive
27:36 DAS London Plug
28:33 Validator Requirements
31:31 Optimistic vs Pessimistic Parallel Execution
33:28 State Growth and Storage
39:16 Move’s Security Benefits
44:55 Economic Security
48:27 Atomic Composability, Scalability & Validator Sustainability
58:01 Sui’s Beachhead: Gaming and Commerce
59:40 Sui vs Aptos and Looking Ahead

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