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Solidity Tutorial 8: Functions Mutability Pure and View | Code With Sahil

Solidity Tutorial 8: Functions Mutability Pure and View | Code With Sahil

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Welcome to your journey to becoming a Solidity master! This video about Functions Mutability

Demystifying Function Behavior: Functions Mutability Pure, and View in Solidity!

In the world of smart contracts, understanding how functions interact with data is critical. This video dives into the concept of function mutability in Solidity, ensuring your code is secure and efficient.

We’ll explore three key function types:

1. Mutability Matters: – Grasp the concept of mutability and its impact on how functions interact with the blockchain state.

2. Pure Functions:- The Untouchables – Discover pure functions, the most restrictive type, that neither read nor modify contract state, making them ideal for calculations and predictable behavior.

3. View Functions:- A Peek Under the Hood – Learn about view functions, which can read data from the contract state but cannot modify it. We’ll explore when to use view functions for safe data retrieval.

Understanding these concepts is crucial for writing secure and gas-efficient smart contracts.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to confidently choose the right function type for your needs!

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