Solidity Dapp Tutorial | Library Catalog Management Application | React.JS MetaMask and Hardhat

Solidity Dapp Tutorial | Library Catalog Management Application | React.JS MetaMask and Hardhat

In this course, we will do a deep dive into the world of Blockchain by building an end to end solution using cutting edge technologies like –

1. React – Frontend.

2. Solidity – To write Smart Contracts.

3. Hardhat – To deploy and test Smart Contracts.

4. Ethereum Blockchain – Backend.

From the start, our focus will be on Blockchain concepts and understanding them by working on a hands-on project to build a

Decentralized Library Catalog Application.

We will split the whole course into three modules:-

Module 1: Setting up workspace and getting all the required dependencies

Module 2 and 3: Writing Smart Contract for Library Catalog using Solidity.

Module 5: Setting up Hardhat configuration and deploying our Smart Contract

Module 6: Get Frontend ready using React to interact with Ethereum Blockchain.

Here is what you will get with this course:

1. From Intermediate to Blockchain expert: The #1 criteria for success in anything is to be fascinated. If you combine your interest in Blockchain with this training, you’ve got everything you need to become an expert in the field – even if you’re unsure where to begin.

2. A focus on doing, not just listening: The best way to reinforce a skill is to practice it yourself, and blockchain is no different. Not only we will go through each and every single line of code, but we will also take regular steps back to see the logical flow of our creations.

3. The guide to intuitive understanding: In this course, you will not only develop the required skills and deep knowledge about Blockchain, but you will also get the right tech instincts. Through this intuition, you will feel where and how to apply Blockchain in the real world.

4. Real-world applications: The project you’ll develop provides the perfect starting point to rapidly gain expertise. Everything you build and practice will be an exciting journey with real-world impact. When finished, you’ll be 100% ready to apply your skills to anything Blockchain-related.

5. In-course support – We’re fully committed to making this the most accessible and results-driven Blockchain course on the planet. This requires us to be there when you need our help. That’s why we’ve put together a team of professional Data Scientists to support you in your journey, meaning you’ll get a response from us within 48 hours maximum.

00:00 Introduction to the course
00:50 What is a Decentralized Application?
02:32 Tech Stack for the course
04:13 Solidity IDE (Remix)
05:39 Start writing the Smart Contract
25:25 What is an ABI?
27:27 What is MetaMask?
31:31 What is Hardhat?
33:09 What is Alchemy?
35:20 Architecture of our Application?
38:00 Start Backend Development
01:32:42 Frontend Development
01:52:15 Demo of our application
02:00:19 Connect with me on social media

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