SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! – Samsung Dex is too Good!

SmartPhone Desk Setup 2021! - Samsung Dex is too Good!

Samsung Dex has gotten way too good and significantly better then it was last year. It truly feels like a proper laptop or desktop computer replacement. It’s crazy that you can have a productive minimal setup just using a smartphone and some of the common things you’d use with a computer. I used the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for this samsung dex setup but below is a list of compatible galaxy devices and everything I used in this video. Desk Setup 2021. Samsung Dex Gaming.

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The rest of the desk setup on Amazon:
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra –
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro –
Keychron K2 Keyboard –
White XBOX Controller –
Logitech MX Vertical Mouse –
Selfie Ring Light (comes with smartphone holder) –

Compatibility list – Also includes the new S21 lineup.

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