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Smart Contract Development tutorial with Hardhat on Ethereum

Smart Contract Development tutorial with Hardhat on Ethereum

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In this video tutorial we will see step by step how to create an Hardhat project and how to compile, test and deploy a simple solidity smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Why I chose Hardhat
4:40 To do list before creating the project
7:38 Creating the Hardhat project
14:45 Compiling the contract
16:29 Testing the contract
19:08 Deploying the contract
21:38 Test the deployed contract on Remix
23:17 Wrap up

Video resources 👇
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Hello I am Rosario Borgesi, a software engineer with seven years of professional experience.
I have a deep passion for the blockchain technology and I am dedicated to creating content that simplifies the process of writing Ethereum code, helping you navigate the world of blockchain development with ease.

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