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Smart Contract Development Live project

Smart Contract Development Live project

CryptoNaukri is providing the best Blockchain developers to the startups by building an innovative learning ecosystem where developers can learn Blockchain development, solve problems during development, gain experience as an aspiring Blockchain developer by working on DAOs open source projects, get unique identity as a Blockchain developer and get jobs in verified web3 startups across the globe.

Web3Hack is a hackathon to empower Web 3 Hacker community , we encourage Blockchain enthusiast to build some good hacks for community, our moto is also to involve more beginner hackers and support everyone to solve the shared problems of our society to bring a change in a revolutionary way. We are focusing on creating more learning opportunities along with building and solving.

Hey Blockchain Enthusiast🏵️,

Greetings from CryptoNaukri.

We are organizing a hackathon called “Web3Hack” to empower the Web3 Community. This hackathon is designed especially according to the needs of the community. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, here is a perfect chance to showcase your skills and witness a competitive yet including developer community around it.

Learn, Build, Earn and get Hired by various Web3 companies.

Don’t waste your time, register for the event now.

Hackathon begins on 6th August.

Link –

There will be Swags🎁, Certificates, Job/Internship opportunities from web3 startups, and many more with CryptoNaukri.

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