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Ripple Riddler Genesis **Course Title: "Web3 Development Essentials: Building on Denarii DFi"**

Ripple Riddler Genesis **Course Title: “Web3 Development Essentials: Building on Denarii DFi”**

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**Course Description:**
This training course is designed for aspiring developers who aim to become proficient in Web3 technologies, with a focus on building applications on Denarii DFi. Participants will gain hands-on experience with XRPL, Algorand, and Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) while delving into the intricacies of the Internet of Things (IOT), the Internet of Value (IOV), and the Quantum Financial System (QFS). The course will equip developers with the skills needed to contribute to the evolution of decentralized finance and create innovative solutions within the Web3 ecosystem.

**Course Duration: 10 Weeks**

**Chapter List:**

1. **Introduction to Web3 Technologies**
– Overview of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
– Understanding Web3 Principles
– Significance of XRPL, Algorand, and Hedera Hashgraph DLTs

2. **Getting Started with Denarii DFi**
– Exploring Denarii DFi’s Architecture
– Navigating the Denarii Ecosystem
– Setting Up a Development Environment

3. **Building on XRPL**
– XRPL Fundamentals
– Smart Contracts on XRPL
– Integrating XRPL in Web3 Applications

4. **Algorand Development Essentials**
– Algorand Network Overview
– Algorand Smart Contracts
– Algorand Application Development

5. **Hedera Hashgraph DLT Mastery**
– Introduction to Hedera Hashgraph
– Developing on Hedera: Smart Contracts and Applications
– Exploring Hedera Consensus Service (HCS)

6. **Web3 and IoT Integration**
– Understanding IoT in Web3
– Leveraging XRPL, Algorand, and Hedera for IoT
– Building Secure IoT Applications

7. **Internet of Value (IOV) Principles**
– IOV Basics and Its Role in Web3
– Transaction Processing in a Value-Centric Web

8. **Quantum Financial System (QFS) Concepts**
– QFS Overview and Its Significance
– Implementing QFS Principles in Web3 Finance
– Ensuring Security in QFS-based Applications

9. **Smart Contracts and DApps Development**
– Designing Smart Contracts for DeFi
– Creating Decentralized Applications (DApps)
– Interoperability Among XRPL, Algorand, and Hedera DLTs

10. **Capstone Project: Building a Denarii DFi Application**
– Applying Knowledge to Real-World Development
– Collaborative Project Development
– Showcase and Evaluation

– Weekly Coding Assignments
– Mid-term Project: Implementing a Simple DeFi Application
– Final Capstone Project: Building a Denarii DFi Application

By the end of this comprehensive course, participants will be well-versed in the foundational technologies of Web3 and possess practical skills to contribute to the development and innovation within the Denarii DFi ecosystem and the broader Web3 space.

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