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Python Web3 Development #2 - Setup & Understanding The Framework & Security

Python Web3 Development #2 – Setup & Understanding The Framework & Security

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In this series I will be showing you how to create web3 applications using Python. With the Cartesi library, this method can be done using ANY coding language. So whether you develop using Python, Javascript, Go, or C++; this video is for you.

About Cartesi:
Cartesi is an app-specific rollup protocol with a virtual machine that runs Linux distributions, creating a richer and broader design space for DApp developers. Cartesi Rollups offer a modular scaling solution, deployable as L2, L3, or sovereign rollups, while maintaining strong base layer security guarantees.

To learn more about Cartesi, visit
Cartesi Discord:
Cartesi Docs:

Windows Setup Guide:
Linux Setup Guide:
Mac Setup Guide:
Cartesi Repo URL (To Clone):

DevAd Seed Grants ($$$$ for building with Cartesi):
Main resource hub for builders to get started:
Setup a call with Cartesi for FREE!×2-2hx-scf/1-1-technical-with-mugen

⏳ Timestamps ⏳
00:00 | Video Overview
02:00 | Dependency Setup
07:57 | Creating The Backend
13:40 | Code Overview
16:40 | Running Our Local Node
19:10 | Running The Backend
22:20 | Interacting With The DApp
29:15 | Shutting Down The Environment
31:27 | DApp Acrchitecture
38:15 | HTTP API
39:54 | Vouchers, Notices & Reports
42:00 | Nodes & Epochs
44:47 | High Level Frameworks

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