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My Ultimate Manta Airdrop Guide For Regular Investors | Step by Step

My Ultimate Manta Airdrop Guide For Regular Investors | Step by Step

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Video Description
In this video we go over the Manta Airdrop and the ways to get involved with this project. We talk about the Manta token allocation based on the NFT tiers and look at how we can potentially get better airdrops instead of farming.

Manta Website:
Manta New Paradigm Medium:
Manata Token Allocation:

We also look at DOP airdrop which is completely free on testnet.
DOP Thread:

0:00 Intro
0:34 Manta & Aidrops
1:27 Manta vs Other L2s
3:28 Manta Value?
4:22 Traditional Way To Participate
7:03 Timeline
8:09 My Position on Manta
9:34 $MANTA Token Allocation
13:31 Other Way To Get $MANTA
15:59 Estimated Calculations
22:25 DeFi Projects on MANTA
23:58 DOP Airdrop


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