Marhaba DeFi | Zero Interest Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol

Marhaba DeFi | Zero Interest Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol

Would you like to know about a platform that gives collateralized DeFi loan without asking for of interest? Cool, in this crypto project review, you will learn about how a platform that issues this type of loan. If you watch this video till the end, you will discover halal (permissble) investment and passive income opportunities that is unknown to many muslims in the world.

The cryptocurrency industry brought with it, new opportunities that were never in existense in the world’s history. It started by banking the under-banked and unbanked people in the world, then it went ahead to provide rare financial services to everyone regardless of your race, colour and nationality.
With cryptocurrency, cross-boarder transactions did not only become easier, it is faster, cheaper, trustless and more secured than what is available by using the tranditional financial service providers like Paypal, Money Gram, Western Union and so on.
Not too long, about 2–3years ago, another innovation gained massive adoption in the industry, and a sub-sector popularly refered to as decentralized financing became a big deal. Almost all existing cryptocurrency projects and startups are now trying to pivot into DeFi, the race to integrate DeFi into every project is getting interesting as months passed by. In fact, DeFi is the new buzz word, and doesn’t look like it will fade away soon.



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