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Make $100 Per Day Yield Farming? | Crypto Passive Income

Make $100 Per Day Yield Farming? | Crypto Passive Income

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Is crypto passive income really dead… or is it simply going through a SHIFT? What about ROI Dapps vs True Defi? Here’s how I’m approaching Defi and the Crypto Passive Income game… and here’s how we find new Defi passive income projects and opportunities.

Welcome to True DeFi!


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00:00:00 – How much initial capital do you need to earn $100 per day?
00:01:09 – Membership Benefits
00:02:16 – How much do you actually need to make x amount of dollars?
00:03:25 – The Power of Yield Farming and Token Appreciation
00:04:43 – Thinking long-term as a pro investor
00:05:58 – Leveraging and Hedging in DeFi
00:07:11 – No capital too small to start learning
00:08:26 – Access to the UIG and the Benefits Inside
00:09:37 – Exciting News & Instagram Update
00:10:51 – Yield Farming and DeFi Videos

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