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Logarithmic LOG Chart REVEALS Bitcoin All Time High

Logarithmic LOG Chart REVEALS Bitcoin All Time High

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Logarithmic LOG Chart REVEALS Bitcoin All Time High
logarithmic and regular linear charts let’s go ahead and look at bitcoin using the linear chart And then of course if you want to do the monthly with a credit card it’s right here And then of course if you want to do lifetime here’s the lifetime Now if you want to pay with crypto then just send me a message on Telegram Now there’s a couple key features that I want to point out the yellow signifies the month of the Bitcoin having this is a monthly timeframe and and we have all 4 halvings identified in yellow then also we have the red identifying the all-time high Another feature I want to point out is the white line This is the 9 moving average And notice that every time after the halving the price tends to stay above the 9 moving average after the halving price action breaks below and stays underneath the 9 moving average until it gets closer to the next halving
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