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Live Bitcoin & Ethereum Signals | 15 Minute Chart (BTC + ETH) **24/7 Live Demo**

Live Bitcoin & Ethereum Signals | 15 Minute Chart (BTC + ETH) **24/7 Live Demo**

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To use Lux Algo on any chart: | 100% for educational purposes only; we do not recommend trading based off of this live stream and it should not be considered as financial advice. This is a 24/7 live demonstration of the basic functionalities of our Lux Algo Premium toolkits – learn more below.

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✔️ Chart on left is Bitcoin 15min, chart on right is Ethereum 15min. Signals are permanent on your chart once the candle closes, and they aim to help confirm market trends!

“STRONG” = Signal more likely going with the current trend. “X” = Exit signal, these can be used for exiting positions. (Stream is delayed by 15 seconds).

All Lux Algo features enabled: Reversal Zones, Candle Coloring = Gradient, Signal Mode = Confirmation + Exits on 6 Sensitivity + 32 Confirmation Signals Agility.

Learn more about these features here:

To get instant access to use our software on any chart: 👈

Join our Discord server: (100k+ Members & Discord Partner)

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Lux Algo can work on any market, including every crypto chart on any timeframe 🔥

See full documentation on Lux Algo:

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