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LIVE 055 : Trading BTCUSD:BYBIT 1 & 5 min ONLINE Scalping with our Trading Strategy

LIVE 055 : Trading BTCUSD:BYBIT 1 & 5 min ONLINE Scalping with our Trading Strategy

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ONLY Bybit CRYPTO pairs for this LIVE stream
Read the rules of the strategy BELOW …..

For next livestreams : “At the right panel they rotate all pairs from FOREX (FXCM) – CRYPTO (BYBIT) – INDICES (OANDA) – Gold/Silver (OANDA)”

The strategy has many ways to trade, either reversal or box breakout or pending stop order (trend trading) … The following is the reversal aspect of it

Rules of the strategy:
1. Take Red Arrows with red bars for LONGs !!!
2. DCA your orders when/if a next arrow appear (make small orders)
3. Take the bars that are away from the yellow line
4. Take the 2nd arrow if it closed above the wick of your last order you took (for LONGs or BELOW for SHORTs). Prefer big candles and avoid doji and hammers, also don’t take a 2nd order TOO close even if it broke with the close price the wick of the previous order. Leave some room to get a better average. This can be done with % too.
5. Take profit at the yellow line or where you feel comfortable (or the session VWAP line “the blue one”)
6. The opposite for SHORTS (green arrows with green bars)
7. The thin blue line is VWAP and the thin lines 1st VWAP Bands. You can use them for Take Profit too. The red line is the POC of Visible Volume Profile on your right
8. If you see candles with arrows and HIGH volume choose them, many times it’s the champagne boost and then the down/up move comes

The chart has a custom strategy focused on price action reversals. These are riskier than trend trading.
However, the results are rewarding. The strategy can be used in various ways but we will explain the reversal aspect of it.
For LONGs, we notice the red arrows formed at the candles.
This means that an imminent reversal is coming. We take only the red candles that have these signals.
The price action may go even further, so we weigh the orders with Dollar Cost Average (DCA).
In other words, we place more than one order.
The take profit is the green/red line. You may go up to the white line but it’s much riskier.
For SHORTS you wait for green arrows, and everything else is the same.
There is no specific STOP LOSS. The bigger the timeframe the better. We have the chart set on 1 hour.
Also, take the bars that are not so close to the green/red line.

The lines work as moving averages in a different way.
Their speed (from fast to slow are) 1. Yellow – 2. White – 3. Orange – 4. Purple

The purple area gives extra weight to the reversal but it’s not required all the time to act only in this zone
The strategy has other uses too, for example, to trade only outside the box that the line form, something like the Alligator
of Bill Williams, or a kind of box trading and others…

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