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I'm DROWNING in this coin: SUI COIN Review

I'm DROWNING in this coin: SUI COIN Review

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Sui plans on building for the future of mass adoption. And to achieve that, they have taken a lot of the best features from the existing blockchain world and included it into Sui.

Token Terminal Sui Interview:

00:00 Sui Coin Review
00:52 What is Sui
02:49 Sui zkLogin
03:40 Parallel Transactions on Sui
05:28 How Sui achieves unlimited TPS
06:19 Low and predictable fees
07:41 Send SUI to anyone with zkSend
08:59 Sponsored Transactions (Gasless transactions on Sui)
09:42 Verifiable Randomness on chain for gaming
09:57 Sui on chain data storage
10:13 MOVE: a more secure programming language
11:21 How will the Sui ecosystem grow?
12:57 What is the SUI coin for?
15:07 SUI Tokenomics
17:56 The Dan Opinion

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