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"I Am Ridiculously BULLISH On Crypto, Here's Why" Raoul Pal Bitcoin 2024 Prediction

“I Am Ridiculously BULLISH On Crypto, Here’s Why” Raoul Pal Bitcoin 2024 Prediction

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Right now there’s a rift between economists and analysts alike, are we in a recession? Will it get worse? Is a crash coming? Hard Landing or Soft landing?

Macro-economist and real vision founder Raoul Pal believes that the answer is obvious.

Markets priced in a recession in 2022 and that was the bottom. They are now looking 12, 18 months into the future and as liquidity comes back into the system as interest rates fall, prices are going to rise.

Raoul has chosen Crypto & technology stocks as his choice of investment as he believes they will disproportionately out-perform other assets.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where Raoul breaks down why he’s ridiculously bullish.


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“I Am Ridiculously BULLISH On Crypto, Here’s Why” Raoul Pal Bitcoin 2024 Prediction

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