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How to Use Tickets to Mint Multiple NFTs in Parallel

How to Use Tickets to Mint Multiple NFTs in Parallel

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Our latest tutorial demonstrates how to leverage Tickets for parallel transactions.
Dive deep into the technicalities and discover how this innovative approach allows you to mint 30 NFTs in just seconds, transforming your XRPL experience. Join us as we break down the process step by step, providing valuable insights for the XRPL community. Enhance your understanding of parallel minting and stay ahead in the world of blockchain technology.

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About Florent Uzio
Florent is a seasoned senior software engineer with extensive training and experience in the field of XRPL. With over five years of expertise in the industry, he has contributed significantly to various teams within the realm of RippleNet and RippleX. Currently stationed in Dubai, Florent plays an integral role in the advancement of cutting-edge solutions for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) development at Ripple. Hailing originally from France, he brings a unique perspective and expertise.
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