How To Use Decentralized Finance on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

How To Use Decentralized Finance on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain

Decentralized Finance DeFi is making crypto investors stupid rich — but how do you even get started, WTF is DeFi anyway?! Today I’ll walk you through the basics of using DeFi and how to earn money! Sub to VoskCoin –

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Decentralized Finance DeFi is seriously creating the best investment opportunities in cryptocurrency right now. All of the hidden gems and crypto moonshots are lurking in DeFi whether that’s on Ethereums blockchain as an ETH token or on Binance Smart Chain BSC as a BNB token and well… there’s also Tron TRX but I haven’t quite found a hidden gem low cap coin that is the next crypto moonshot on Tron TRX DeFi blockchain quite yet lol! Let’s review how to get started or really a noobs guide to using Decentralized Finance DeFi and trying to make some gains or earn some coins!

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