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How to Mine Notcoin (Complete Tutorial)

How to Mine Notcoin (Complete Tutorial)

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Notcoin is viral clicker game where you can earn coins by tapping your screen. It is belongs to a new ecosystem called TAP to EARN. It is a memecoin under the TON Blockchain.

In this videos, you will learn the step by step methods you can use to mine Notcoins, boost your rank and earn 100K coins on a daily basis.

I covered:

1. How to Mine Notcoin.

2. How to earn coins without Mining.

3. How to join a Squad.

4. How to improve your Notcoin Rank and League.

5. How to refer your friends to Notcoin.

6. How to Claim your Mining Bonuses.

7. How to transfer Notcoins.

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