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How to do Your DeFi Taxes | Defi Taxes Explained

How to do Your DeFi Taxes | Defi Taxes Explained

You still need to report your crypto activity on your taxes even if you used a decentralized exchange. The IRS can still find your activity! Here are all the tips you need to know to keep the IRS out of your wallet.

Defeat your crypto taxes this year:

Crypto Tax Guide:

NFT Tax Guide:

How to do your Coinbase Taxes

How to do your Binance Taxes


00:00 Introduction
00:18 DeFi and the IRS
01:09 Crypto Loans
01:37 Taxes for Lenders
01:58 Taxes on Liquidation
02:34 Governance Tokens
02:50 Wrapping Coins
03:04 Liquidity Pools
03:26 Protocol Tokens
03:49 Yield Farming
04:05 What If You Don’t Report?
04:43 Contact Us!

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