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How to build an NFT minter app - Mint NFTs easily

How to build an NFT minter app – Mint NFTs easily

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In this video, learn how to build an NFT minter where you can allow anyone to sign in with just an email and be able to create their own NFT. NFT minters are similar to how anyone could create and mint NFTs on Opensea marketplace. In this tutorial we will be deploying our own ERC721 smart contract for out NFT collection and utilizing thirdweb’s Engine to easy handle the backend. This allows us to be able to abstract away any web3 user experiences from the user.

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00:00 Introduction to how to build an NFT minter app
00:45 Demo of NFT minter app and how it works
04:00 Deploy an ERC-721 NFT smart contract with thirdweb
06:45 Create and setup a new Next.js and Typescript project with thirdweb
09:30 Add support for embedded wallets (email and social login)
11:10 Build a navbar with links and a Connect Wallet component
14:45 Create image upload function for NFT image
24:40 Create input form to collect data for NFT metadata
28:45 Create API to request NFT mint using thirdweb’s Engine
44:00 Add a mint function to the button to call API request
51:00 Build a collection page to display all the NFT of the collection
57:53 Conclusion

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