How I lost $ 600k+ in one day (the TRUTH about decentralized finance)

How I lost $ 600k+ in one day (the TRUTH about decentralized finance)

On monday, January the 24th 2021 I lost $613.926,93 in one day, here is the whole truth about decentralized finance. And its not just the price dip of the current crash of the crypto markets – I had a significant loss due to a platform that liquidated my portfolio unauthorized. what did I do? I cried like a baby, it was like the worst nightmare ever, something I never wanted to experience and then I got up the next day and continued with my life. why am I sharing this? because the last weeks have been so crazy for everyone. My loss in money just showed me where I need to focus my awareness – within myself and not make some outside factor responsible but rather taking extreme ownership in everything I do.

Although this also showed me my biggest talent: which is investing in crypto at the right time into the right coins.

x Berenice

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