How does Decentralized Finance differ from Centralized Finance?

How does Decentralized Finance differ from Centralized Finance?

NOTE: As you cruise along this series, you will notice how fast the DeFi space is; both in terms of execution and change. So if you happen to spot a discrepancy between what is being said and what is shown on screen, particularly in regards to numbers, it is due to the rapid nature of DeFi. Keep it in mind and have a look at the links provided below for the updated data.

At first glance, DeFi — or decentralised finance, can appear a little intimidating to get started with. For those who feel lost or don’t know where to begin, we’ve put together a series of 30 films that will gently place you into the world of DeFi and explain what it is, how it works, and where to get started. We will cover the basics, and a little extra, concisely as possible. It is up to you to take the leap of faith.
0:00 intro
0:08 Decentralization
0:41 Permissionless
1:16 Trustless
1:46 The Takeaway


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