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George Hotz | Programming | OpenCL on a Galaxy Z Fold 5 | Android | IOCTL | GPU | arm64 | part 1

George Hotz | Programming | OpenCL on a Galaxy Z Fold 5 | Android | IOCTL | GPU | arm64 | part 1

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Date of the stream 16 Dec 2023.
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00:00:00 intro
00:00:55 Plugable BT-KEY3, Galaxy Z Fold5
00:02:00 ssh server
00:05:25 5G, eSIM
00:07:43 talking to Alex, minister of AI dubai, visas, Miami, immigration policy
00:12:50 vscode server, android
00:18:00 mixtral-8x7b-instruct
00:20:18 bionic, node, vscode server android termux
00:27:50 Donald Trump – Make America Great Again (Country Song)
00:29:40 Vivek Ramaswamy smart
00:30:25 vscode in a browser
00:32:25 reach on twitter, Elon did more for anti woke cultural movement
00:35:00 tmux can’t copy paste
00:43:10 python plugin tab completion
00:50:20 growth, accelerationism, decels, You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.
00:53:13 replace opencl with driver that use IOCTLs, hook native function in python
01:04:55 python frida
01:06:05 IOCTL syscall attach to our process
01:08:05 perplexity hallucinating
01:10:30 bionic by google, libc, android
01:18:05 apple, dumb comments
01:19:05 python most beautiful programming language in the world, C
01:21:59 chillin in my rover american empire is over, uni freshman
01:24:20 illegal instruction, arm64 breakpoint instruction
01:29:20 Ennaria – Monstarrr, internet in the 90’s
01:33:00 signal devide by zero signal, arm64 disassembler online
01:39:50 aarch64 svc, ctypes callback
01:41:05 j_blow raiding the stream, hooking iocal from python
01:47:30 got plt python, dlsym
01:51:40 symbols dylib, libdl github
02:04:04 dl_iterate_phdr
02:10:15 python dl_phdr_info
02:11:38 beautiful libraries
02:15:15 hooking ioctl universal, best toolset for debugging gpus
02:22:05 python trampoline
02:29:50 libc strstr, libc memmem
02:36:00 restype = ctypes.c_void_p
02:48:25 callback
03:07:25 corrupting the wrong got, hotpatching a function
03:10:10 aarch64 assembler, aarch74 abi
03:20:35 getting callback
03:29:55 segmentation fault, illegal instruction, python arm flush icache
03:32:45 python call ioctl syscall
03:44:20 libc cache
03:44:45 anyone paying attention? instruction cache?
03:48:48 chat comment trigger, dancing monkey
03:50:10 Logitech C920, python, calling from libc
03:56:30 parsing the structs, ioctl command encoding
03:59:40 z fold 5 kernel source
04:02:00 qualcomm 8550 reference kernel
04:04:00 file in user space in android that is gpu driver
04:04:50 gpuctypes
04:15:15 ctypes pretty print struct
04:18:30 alloc(16) being called, page aligned
04:19:20 so much of modern software development is completely wrong, leaky abstractions
04:21:45 bar for writing software, do you understand what you are doing?
04:23:25 javascript, softmax, jit, javascript engine
04:28:40 communicating in english and communicating in programing are the same thing
04:29:00 syscall, companies need to stop tolerating people who don’t understand
04:31:20 american salaries, skill, motivation
04:33:00 people below and above API line
04:34:15 choices, bad, good habits, productivity
04:37:05 dream society, wireheaded
04:37:50 stream overview
04:38:40 making money at expense of other people
04:39:05 frog infestation on island
04:40:30 io_uring
04:42:05 same chip for quest 3 and samsung phone
04:42:50 make progress yourself before getting investors
04:45:30 softskills, social cues
04:46:50 integrating AI in everything
04:48:05 HR, human resources background
04:49:45 american empire, infrastructure, ivy league schools
04:53:50 trump, right wing, left wing
04:55:30 progress, faster plane is better
04:57:40 money, scam, value, perception is not reality
05:01:30 where are the viewers from
05:06:15 france gdp per capita
05:07:25 france vs singapore, china
05:08:50 uk vs us
05:10:45 foreign exchange reserves 100 years
05:13:15 WTF Happened In 1971?
05:14:30 raiding
05:16:15 be better, you canchange your habits and your life philosophy

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