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Ethernaut 10 ReEntrancy Foundry Solution 2024 Walkthrough Tutorial

Ethernaut 10 ReEntrancy Foundry Solution 2024 Walkthrough Tutorial

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🚀 Ethernaut 10 ReEntrancy Foundry Solution – 2024 Walkthrough Tutorial 🚀

Welcome back, hackers! 🔒 In today’s tutorial, we’re diving into the Ethernaut 10 ReEntrancy challenge. Get ready to master the art of exploiting vulnerabilities using Foundry.

📚 Prerequisites 📚

Before we start, make sure you’ve completed these prerequisites:

– Watch the first video in our series on how to get started with Ethernaut and set up your Foundry environment for tackling challenges:

– Clone the Ethernaut Foundry Solutions Repository on GitHub (don’t forget to leave a star 😉):

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🎓 Understanding the Challenge:
In Ethernaut 10 – ReEntrancy, our mission is clear: steal all the ETH from the vulnerable contract. We’ll analyze the Reentrancy smart contract, understanding its structure and the lurking dangers of Reentrancy attacks in Solidity contracts.

🕵️‍♂️ The Reentrancy Vulnerability Explained:
Dive deep into the mechanics of this vulnerability, where an attacker exploits a contract’s state to repeatedly drain its balance.

💡 Preventing Reentrancy Attacks:
The “checks-effects-interactions” pattern is a crucial practice to thwart reentrancy attacks. We’ll learn how to secure your contracts against reentrancy exploiters.

🎉 Congratulations! 🥳
By the end of this tutorial, you’ll conquer the 10th Ethernaut ReEntrancy challenge!

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for a continuous flow of knowledge, Stay tuned for the next tutorial! See you in the blockchain security playground! 🫡

See you in the next video! 😉

00:00 Intro
00:55 Reentrancy Challenge Overview
02:00 The Reentrnacy Smart Contract
05:00 Reentrancy Attack Explained
08:25 CEI (Check Effects Interactions) Explained
09:13 Challenge Solution (with Foundry)
18:25 Submitting the Reentrnacy Solution

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