DO NOT BUY Crypto in a Bitcoin Bear Market! (Explained)

DO NOT BUY Crypto in a Bitcoin Bear Market! (Explained)

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In this video, we discuss when NOT to buy Crypto in a Bitcoin Bear Market. Plus fully explain a strategy on when is the best time to buy Bitcoin.

โฐ Timestamps
00:00 Bear Market Hopium!
01:13 Market Sentiment
03:41 Tech Sector Analysis (Double TOP!)
06:59 S&P500 Analysis (Double TOP!)
08:27 How to Pick Your Cryptos in a Bear Market!
12:19 Is Solana SOL a Good Pick?!
14:44 Crypto News Update
15:14 Ethereum Pyramid Plan (Millionaire Investors)
22:04 Bitcoin Pyramid Plan (Millionaire Investors)
23:54 Millionaire Plan Summary

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