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DO NOT become a WEB 3 developer! | Career Advice 2023 | Tanay Pratap Hindi

DO NOT become a WEB 3 developer! | Career Advice 2023 | Tanay Pratap Hindi

In this video I have explained why web 3 is overhyped and is totally worthless.

So Make sure to watch the complete video to find out why you should not become a web 3 developer in 2023

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What’s my story? An engineer, in love with his job, started teaching on the side. Got lucky. Impacted 1000s of lives. Had to finally leave his job to increase the impact surface area. Raised $5M funding to fix education. Is learning day and day about startups and building a valuable product.

How is it going? A decade of engineering helps in systems thinking and product building. Learning about Strategy, Marketing, People Management, and Finance on the go.

What am I building? Today, 25 million Indians prepare for government job entrance exams. They do it for years together. The probability of success is less than 1% but they still do it. Why? For the lack of a structured alternative to launch their white-collar career. I am building Invact to bridge this gap.
How? Follow me to know, it’s a long story. I am telling it in parts every day.

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