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Defining DeFi -- Decentralized Finance

Defining DeFi — Decentralized Finance

What makes a cryptocurrency DeFi project or token successful, how do you find the next big coin or crypto protocol? Today we pick up some crypto alpha from the Defi Edge and CryptoFish of the Trader Joe DEX! I’m earning easy passive income with this!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How to get successful in cryptocurrencies
00:55 Are ZK chains the future?
02:40 When your early you have a huge advantage
03:43 Does Avalanche have a future?
04:54 What chain will rule supreme?
07:08 What will be the next big thing?
10:40 A Concentrated liquidity Auto-Pool
11:58 How to provide liquidity?
13:45 Tails loves treat liquidity

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