DEFI – Crypto Carnival 2022 Panel Discussion

DEFI - Crypto Carnival 2022 Panel Discussion

🌈 Welcome to the Carnival!

❤️ Our dear panelists from Metis, Bybit, Lodestar, and SeekingDAO are here to share their insights on the DeFi industry.

🌐 From the definition of DeFi and the concept of DeFi 2.0, to the coexistence of DeFi and CeFi, to the future development of DeFi and the blockchain industry, they have shared amazing ideas and put forward thought-provoking opinions.

⭐️ Know more about our panelists and us!
Rainbow 6ix🔗

00:00-05:16 📍Introduction
05:16-10:49 📍DeFi and DeFi 2.0
10:49-19:45 📍Is Layer 2/Cross-chain the new norm for DeFi?
19:45-29:02 📍What exactly is decentralization?
29:02-32:10 📍CeFi vs DeFi
32:10-35:33 📍DAO and SeekingDAO
35:33-41:51 📍The future of Metaverse
41:51-51:50 📍The roadmap of panelists’ company/project

🌈 Thank you for joining the Carnival


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