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DeFi Adventure: Exploring Ways to Democratizing Decentralized Finance

DeFi Adventure: Exploring Ways to Democratizing Decentralized Finance

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Exploring the world of decentralized finance and how it’s changing the financial industry as we know it, together with Dr. ZS, the Blockchain expert, and Nadia, a talented designer who created the new user interface for Soy Finance. We discuss the benefits of DeFi, its accessibility, and how it’s more innovative than traditional finance. Nadia takes us through the design of Soy Finance’s next-generation UI, highlighting its intuitive and secure features.

Join us to discover how Soy Finance is contributing to the DeFi space and enhancing the user experience.

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✳️ About Soy Finance

Launched on the 1st of October 2021, SOY Finance is a decentralized exchange providing trading, yield farming, and blockchain-based financial services on the Callisto Network blockchain.

SOY stands for Safety on Yields and it is not for nothing as SOY Finance aims to deliver the world’s safest decentralized exchange, adhering to industry best practices and adopting the highest level of security and standards:

• Whitelisting of audited tokens.
• Hybrid ERC20 and ERC223 token standard.
• Decentralized insurance.

Soy Finance LinkTree:

00:00 – Intro
01:02 – DeFi Community Feedback on the Team Restructuration
01:53 – The Pivotal Role of Decentralised Finance
02:35 – Examples of DeFi Applications
03:36 – The Benefits of DeFi
03:57 – DeFi: An Innovative Ecosystem
04:16 – Revealing the Nex-Gen UI of Soy Finance
05:05 – The Platform’s Security
05:29 – Conclusion & Progress Update
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