DeFi 3.0?! These New Projects are Crazy.

DeFi 3.0?! These New Projects are Crazy.

DeFi 3.0 is here. Over the past few days, a new crop of projects have popped up that brand themselves as DeFi 3.0. These are tokens that seek to build a treasury that is used to farm and buy back tokens. This trend started with Multi Chain Capital ($MCC) and now includes a number of forks. Cryptocurrency projects, especially low caps like some of the projects in this video, is highly risky, so be sure to always do your own research. (RUGGED)

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0:00 Intro and Overview
0:47 DeFi 1.0 Recap
1:30 DeFi 2.0 and the Problems it Solves
2:48 What is DeFi 3.0? Multi Chain Capital
4:49 MCC Price
5:25 MCC Farming Strategy
6:23 Note on Risks with Forks
7:10 Six Other DeFi 3.0 Projects
10:05 Strategy for Investing in These Projects


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