Cryptocurrency Ban Coming Soon In India? | Akash Banerjee

Cryptocurrency Ban Coming Soon In India? | Akash Banerjee

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In a surprise move – the Govt has listed for discussing & passage – a bill in Parliament that seeks to have a Cryptocurrency Ban in India very soon. This stunning indication came after months of indication that the Govt would take a ‘middle path’ and regulate Crypto NOT BAN IT – why this sudden shift?? Also does this not give a sad picture of how India manages its policies ??? On DeshBhakt we take a look at the future of Crypto and currencies like Bitcoin.

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Chapter Heads :

00:00 – Crypto Banned?
01:35 – Public vs Pvt Crypto
02:52 – Policy Indecision
05:15 – Tech Phobia
07:08 – Best Case Scenario
07:59 – Worst Case Scenario
09:04 – Love Hate Relationship with Crypto

Credits :
Writer : Akash
Thumbnail : Shivam
Editor: Tushar Chaudhary
Producer: Avishrant

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Earlier in the year – (ban)

Later in the year (commodity)


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