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Code with me

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00:00 – Live coding a website with upcoming open-source release.
03:17 – Developing a website with authentication and user sign-in.
08:02 – Backend uses Postgres, Prisma, and Video.js for rendering
10:39 – The video player component takes input including MPD URL, thumbnail link, and subtitles link.
15:41 – Choosing the best version of the codebase.
18:33 – Integrating the video seek bar and segment logic into the website
23:43 – Configuring the video player component for desired functionality.
26:56 – Code with me – Video Player Setup
33:00 – Discussing online code editors and experiencing errors
35:31 – Troubleshooting video player initialization and segment logic
41:22 – Integrating logic with the person who wrote it
44:14 – Collaboration on backend and frontend work for thumbnail generation and video segments
49:45 – Obtaining video duration and using it for logic
52:17 – Chose technical institute for different subjects, graduated in computer science
56:41 – Struggles with backend integration and accommodation in Europe
58:53 – Discussing preferences and experiences with different code editors
1:04:02 – Discussion on open source and community creation.
1:08:02 – Fixing segment code and method dependencies
1:13:23 – Troubleshooting CSS styling in progress
1:16:55 – Troubleshooting and using libraries in coding
1:23:25 – Troubleshooting technical issues with Chrome and joining a call.
1:27:22 – Discussing screen sharing and AI video transcript analysis
1:34:48 – Avoid paying a dollar for poor AI responses
1:37:27 – Video chunks are saved and merged, then processed and uploaded to the cloud.
1:41:59 – Backend is preferred for generating videos to improve user experience
1:43:55 – Going above and beyond will lead to recognition.
1:47:28 – Tailwind classes were getting overridden, used raw CSS. Manual thumbnail generation.
1:49:35 – Learning ML by building projects and chat bots

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