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Build a Decentralized Charity Platform with Next js, TypeScript, and Solidity

Build a Decentralized Charity Platform with Next js, TypeScript, and Solidity

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This course will teach you how to develop a Charity Donation Tracking dApp. It will guide you through creating a smart contract, deploying it, interacting with the contract, and integrating a UI for direct interaction.

Start your journey with Bitfinity today. Experience a fast, simple, and hassle-free development process as you build your first Charity Donation Tracking dApp. Deploy your smart contracts to the Bitfinity network and make a positive impact.

Written Tutorial:

Introduction 00:00:12
Table of Content 00:03:55
Demo 00:06:28
Toolbox 00:16:32
Project Structure 00:23:12
Single Charity 00:57:52
Create Charity 01:09:04
Charity Mgt 01:22:59
Donation Mgt 01:35:34
Integration 01:52:49
List Supporters 02:17:34
Adjustments 02:21:01
Edit Charity 02:23:07
Bitfinity Chain 02:36:33
Update Charity 02:38:26
Delete Charity 02:44:37
Banning Charity 02:58:34
Making Donations 03:10:52
Conclusion 03:35:13

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