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( What Is Forex Trading? )
Forex has exploded in popularity over the last so manny years as more and more people have discovered currency trading…
( History of Forex Trading )
When you are trading currencies in the Forex market, it is important to have an understanding of how everything began…

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( weekly forex forecast )
Welcome to this week’s Weekly Forex Forecast video where we do the simple but powerful top-down approach to identify market behavior, direction using the price action. Simple trading approach with powerful money management rules and simple trading rules combined with right trading mindset, psychology is the key to long-term success in trading forex , gold , silver , stocks. Risk management rules and correct trading psychology is our best trading edge, once we learnt to read the price action and market behavior.

( Support & Resistance lines – make or break price points )
Don’t be disappointed if S&R lines haven’t worked for you until now. You see, in reality, support and resistance are price zones, not exact numbers. This is clearly visible when switching from a higher timeframe to a lower one: an horizontal line on a weekly chart can perfectly be made by an horizontal price channel on a one hour chart.

( Swing Trading Strategies )
Swing traders use a number of strategies and patterns to ensure success in deals. The most popularly used patterns are multi-day chart patterns, moving averages crossovers, head and shoulder patterns, cup and handle patterns, and flags and triangles.

( Fibonacci Retracement )
Fibonacci retracement levels originate from the Fibonacci sequence. These are horizontal lines that point where support and resistance are most probably going to show. In swing trading, this can help traders create their entry and exit plans accordingly.

Fibonacci retracement is an indicator that can be drawn between any two important price points, usually a high and a low. Levels that are associated with a percentage are then drawn between these price points. These levels measure how much of an earlier movement the price has retraced and use percentages of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 78.6%.

( Support and Resistance )
In a price chart, support and resistance lines are some of the most important things to look at. These show when prices are set to change their direction. While a support line shows a price range that falls below the actual market price at a given time, a resistance line shows a range that is above the current market price.

( Bollinger Bands Method )
Bollinger bands show the direction that the market takes. The direction is based on prices. These are three bands that show an upper level, a lower level, and the moving average. When prices move towards the upper band, the market is overbought. On the other hand, if they move towards the lower band, the market is oversold.

( Trend-catching Strategy )
Identifying a trend’s direction can help a trader tap into potential gains in the short term, especially by finding better entry and exit points. Therefore, the idea behind this strategy is for traders to hold their positions till the trend changes. When the target is achieved, traders usually exit their position. However, it is important to note here that trends can change quickly and thus proper monitoring is required.

( Breakout Swing Strategy )
A commonly used strategy world over, breakout swing strategy relies heavily on having good technical analysis skills. The strategy essentially identifies and capitalizes on breakouts. Traders use trendlines, support and resistance levels, and chart patterns such as triangles and flags to identify potential breakouts. Stocks poised for a significant move become a target. Traders also look for volume that is set to move. The more the trading volume, the more reliable it is.

( What is Price Action Trading? )
Price action trading is often a day trading method where traders make decisions based strictly on price movement, not indicators.
1. Order Block Retest
2. Head and Shoulders Reversal
3. Average True Range Exhaustion
4. Inside Candle Formation
5. Hammer and Shooting Star

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