BTCUSD Bullish

BTCUSD Bullish

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has posted a new bullish leg since then, and it appears that we are on the right track to start a steady but strong rise again long-term. Notice how the price remains within the long-term Buy Zone, thus staying (in cyclical terms) still a solid long-term buy.

On the current analysis, I am extending this chart a bit by adding a very interesting feature on a Cycle’s horizon: The measurement from one bottom pattern to the next.

As you see, on this 1W time-frame, the distance of the lowest level of the 1st Bottom pattern to the lowest level of the 2nd Bottom pattern was 183 weeks (1281 days). Similarly the measurement from the lowest level of the 2nd Bottom pattern to the the lowest level of the 3rd Bottom pattern was 171 weeks (1197 days). Finally (assuming January 2022 is indeed a bottom pattern), the distance from the lowest level of the 3rd Bottom pattern to the the lowest level of the 4th (current) Bottom pattern has been 165 weeks (1155 days).

It is obvious that each sequence gets shorter in time by a factor of roughly 80 – 50 days. As a result in arithmetic progression terms we can claim that +/- some days, Bitcoin is coming out of this Cycle’s bottom. The previous analysis of November shows that the price never hits the peak of the previous Cycle, so naturally 20k is out of the question. The big question is will it trend more or less aggressively this time? As mentioned above, as long as the price remains within the green zone, it remains a long-term buy. It is when it breaks above (usually on news/ strong fundamentals of adoption etc) that the real Parabolic Rally begins. I assume noone wants to be left behind.

So what do you think about this Bottom fractal chart? Is BTC a good enough buy for you as it is on the current levels? Feel free to share your work and let me know in the comments section below!


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