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Bitcoin=Usd (Analysis W_D_4H)

Bitcoin=Usd (Analysis W_D_4H)

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Greetings everyone,
I hope you had a productive week and your trading activities have been profitable. As always, I am here to offer my insights and ideas based on the Elliott wave principle. Your ongoing support means a lot to me, and I look forward to continuing our successful journey together.
Best regards, Mr.Nobody

Monthly_Weekly_Daily Chart Analysis (Bitcoin=Usd).

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Daily Chart Analysis: 01:24
4_H Chart Analysis: 02:26

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I have a suggestion for you.
Creating clear rules when operating in the market and following them is important to comply with regulations.
Even in volatile markets where there may be the temptation to deviate, it is important to maintain discipline and follow established guidelines.
The market can create illusions and false beliefs, so consistently following the rules is the key to success.
As Mark Douglas advises, be sure to set your own rules and always follow them.

What is your opinion on the relevance of the Elliott wave principle?
I shared a video on YouTube about the Dow Jones market that showcases Ralph Nelson Elliott’s prediction from 1940. You can watch it and assess the value of the Elliott Wave Principle for yourself!
Forecast by Ralph Nelson Elliott Dow Jones:

The Elliott wave principle serves as a guide for human social behavior.
The Elliott wave principle is an essential tool to understand human social behavior and its influence on market prices. It confidently states that market prices are not exclusively determined by news. Please be advised that this information is solely intended for educational purposes.
The path of the price of the product is not news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out this link for a complete understanding of the Elliott wave principle and its patterns, with a real-life example on a chart. It’s an excellent resource for mastering this trading tool.

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